Visit Berlin & Hamburg, Germany


IMG_6911Moving to Germany! After enjoyed the beautiful city of Amsterdam, this time we’ll tell you how about our experience in German. There are two cities that we visited here, Berlin and Hamburg.

German is also known in the world with so many distinctive food that should be sampled. Historically, Hamburger which we usually eat it originally, came from the city of Hamburg, Germany.


Germany is also known by the many historic buildings with an architecture that is very beautiful and full of stories. Of course we did not miss a visit to several historic buildings here, one of which is the Berliner Dom. This building is a church with an interesting architectural design, dominant with stones. As tourists here, we were amazed by the beauty and also we can rise to the top to see the city from above Berlin.


Unfortunately, we do not so much see the museum here. We were able to visit the Berlin Wall and other places and some are being carried out repairs and maintenance to the Euro 2016 so the state is less support for taking photos.



Street Food

Currywurst is the main ingredient of German cuisine with sausage meat cut thin, curry powder and curry powder to taste.


Berliner is a donuts kind of typical German, which is also known as Pfannkuchen in Berlin, Kreppel in Hessen, Krapfen in southern Germany. Jelly donuts is a famous cake and typical festival in Germany. So sweet and yummy!


Halal Food

No need to worry if you can not find halal food here, many restaurants halal food which is open in the town of German, particularly along the way HuttenstraƟe, famous with many kosher restaurants, nuance is dominated by Arab and theyā€™re so famous for a long time with the delicious food ! If you’ve been to Berlin you must know El-Reda.

The restaurant is famous for its delicious food and the portions were very large. You can choose between chicken or a goat or a cow here. You will be given a rice with butter would you dip in into the rice so that the butter will melt together with the rice. (how amazing is that)



Besides salads and vegetables will also be provided with large portions, there is also a free refill of tea. The menu at El-Reda didominated by Persian and Lebanese cuisine. Along the way HuttenstraƟe the most crowded and famous since 1992 are El-Reda.




Hamburg also has a diverse culinary, there are many restaurants with traditional menus such as Indonesia, Chinese and others here with the price relatively cheaper than in Berlin.


A family recommend us to taste the typical food vietnam which of course is well known, namely Pho. Pho is a foods usually served with noodles, and other companion menu. The day was cold and rainy so it would be a very perfect day for tasting warm Pho.

Quan do is famous for its Pho. Once our food arrived, we were surprised by how big the bowl is. When compared with in Indonesia, the portions are enormous. Served with noodles were very tasty and tender as well as a sort of “cakwe” were also very long and tasty. The menu is very recomendded to be tried, it felt really shocking!

Restaurant El Reda

HuttenstraƟe 69-70

D-10553 Berlin

quan do ā€“ Vietnamese Street Kitchen

Georgsplatz 16 ( Ecke Rosenstr. 3 )

20099 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 32 90 17 37