One Day in Santorini Park, Thailand

April 2017, as you know if you’re follow us on Instagram we went to Bangkok for some culinary trip and holiday. This time we will use full English so maybe people all around the world can read this and get some tips. 

Bangkok was very interesting and challenging. There are so many cafe, food street and of course shopping place in there. although we struggle a lot in language but it’s okay we can still use body language and google translate 😛

 When in Thailand, you must experience the new theme park and tourist attractions calles Santorini Park. we heard that this place was quite new there. It’s located in CHA-AM. It’s about 2 hours to get there from Bangkok. Well it’s like from Bandung to Jakarta and maybe 3-4 hours if the traffic was bad.

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Well…. this is kind of confusing for us haha so this is the story, before we arrived in Thailand, we do some research and so many friends and blogger said that we have to take a minivan in Victory Monument and then they will pass Santorini Park then we just have to get down there and cross over. 

IN FACT, when we said to the driver in VM, that we want go to Cha-am, after about 20 minutes ride, the bus stop in another place we dont know where is it but it’s like a bus terminal then we down there, the driver said we have to buy another ticket in the counter to Cha-am.. hhhmmm so the ticket that we bought in VM it’s about 30 Baht maybe then we bought another around 133 baht from that place to ACTUALLY CHA-AM by minivan. HUFH it’s so confusing, is it because us? we take in wrong place or maybe the location of the minivan to Cha-am has change? Well we dont know.

But anyway, we arrived safely in Santorini Park after a long ride (the minivan always stop in some point to drop/pick up passenger) and it’s quite hard to across the street, quite dangerous too. 

*TIPS: DONT FORGET to save the number of the minivan in the counter so they will pick up you home in front of Santorini Park by the minivan that across that location.

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Santorini Park was good for people who loves taking photo. it’s instagramable and instagenic in every corner. But it’s really hot in there so make sure to wear summer outfit. There are a few restaurant in here but some of them was NOT HALAL, so make sure to be careful. beside that, there are some gift shop in there to shopping.

This is some of our ootd picture that we took there.

For the culinary, we try some rice with chicken there, we forget the resto name but it’s located in front of the park area with a kid playground.

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We also tasted some ice cream there, the first one is FRUZ SCOOP. The price is around 59 baht per scoop. It’s delicious and fresh because it’s really hot there haha and the second one we bought a strawberry Popsicle in front of FRUZ SCOOP for 20 baht.

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It’s really enjoying and happy to visit this place, although maybe we’ll only visit Santorini Park once in life maybe, because of the long road to there and not to much to do in there except taking photo which we already done that in every corner LOL.

If you have any question or maybe you want some itinerary for Bangkok, please comment down below or you can contact us trough instagram @caferestodiary. ^_^