Delft, Netherlands. (Travel and Food Tips)


Foodjunkie, sorry for the late blog post. Already a month since the last post. As you can see in  our instagram @caferesto_bdg we just had a summer holiday to some countries in Europe to see how the beauty and culinary there.

So, we’ll share some tips about our trip to a few country in Europe. And this first post will talk about What’s in Delft, Netherlands? How about the food in there?

First, Of course you have to apply for your Schengen visa (visa which is valid in several countries in Europe) advice from us, it is better to apply for visas at the embassy of Netherlands (rumors said it more easier) check the details here.

Netherlands is very beautiful, a lot of interesting places and a beautiful building here, we have relatives in the city of Delft. A city in the Netherlands (about 1 hour from Amsterdam station) which is not so big, but very beautiful. There a lot of beautiful building. We assure you, If you like taking picture, and interest in photography, here are so many places that you take a picture. In addition, the city is clean and people mostly ride a bicycle to go. Relax, you can also rent a bike there.



Despite the Netherlands, there are  a lot of Indonesian restaurants open here, one that we encountered in the city of Delft is Jong Java. The restaurant is managed by Indonesian people. the eating system, you can select the package of rice, two vegetables, two side dishes or the other, and just select  dishes what you want. The choice is quite a lot. klik here for the details.

The food was delicious and especially we Indonesian people love to eat with big portion, right? 😛

Beautiful scenery can be found along the way, the Netherlands is famous for the  beautiful Canal, the river on the road and a lot of boats that pass. Although supposed to be summer time, it turns out here still windy and cold. If you visit some tourist attractions in Delft you shall come to New Church and rise to the top towernya, do not forget to eat ice cream there. The ice cream is famous around New Church is Otelli. You can pick any falvour that you want. here the details.





Your travel time will not complete yet if you not try the tea time in the afternoon at the cafe here, if you have a guidebook for tourists you usually got at the hotel/hostel. Cafe that recommended here is Stads-Koffyhuis cafe. Interestingly, they have a spot on a boat in the canal there. We tasted cappuccino and strawberry cake, you can also get a free coupon cappuccino in your guide book.


One more well-known here, which is very famous apple pie from Kobush Kuch with whip cream is very tasty, tender. The texture of Apple pie was very creamy and tasty. Portions are big for just one slice we think enough for 1-2 persons. It costs about € 3. RECOMMENDED!




How about the transportation in Delft? Well, we will not discuss in details, but you can borrow a bike near Delft Station or you can also take a bus around 2-3 € and read the details here. however, tourist sites and shopping here is actually pretty close so we suggest you to walk, do not forget to wear shoes because of traveling here are relying on foot, so much walk 😛

That ia a quick review how about the city of Delft, we’ll mention all the information about the places above, we hope i’ll help you all, thank you 🙂 

1. Jong Java Delft

📍Binnenwatersloot 17

2611 BJ Delft


2. Stads-Koffyhuis

📍Oude Delft 133

2611 BE Delft

3. Otelli

📍Markt 49

2611 GR Delft
015-215 74 22

4. Café Kobus Kuch

📍Beestenmarkt 1

2611 GA Delft

T 015 – 2124280