Purbasari “Authentic Sundanese Food” Lake Side View | Makan di Tepi Danau & The Resort.


Hi foodjunkies! we’re back again to Dusun Bambu because we do really enjoyed having time in here, and actually there are more than 1 cafe and restaurant here. The First one is Burangrang Cafe, the one that has been review by us in the previous post. The second one is this cafe, named Purbasari. It’s located near the Burangrang cafe but it’s more close to the lake view.

This cafe can be booked if you want to held a meeting, event or event a gathering in here. Purbasari can fit up to 50 persons so it will be great to held a event in here especially the view was so nice. it’s literally in the side of lake, you can see the lake, the view and also the wheater so nice.

If you see some wood house in the first picture in this post,   that is also the part of Purbasari. You can eat inside that house too, it can fit until 5 persons, we recommend you to book in here, it’s free but the place was limited so prefer to book first or come earlier. You can get the best view from that house, it’s perfect for family and also you can ride a boat to see all the lake from that house, the boat will come to you.

Here’s the look inside and how the food :


It’s very nice and relaxing in here, the ambiance was so traditional and nature. all of their menu was also Sundanese Traditional and the quality, we already know that all food in here was good quality and fit for all family. there are several menu that we tasted :


  • Nasi Karesep Abah

it’s a complete rice, served with fried chicken bean curd, fermentation bean cake, tumis jambal cabe hijau, sayur asem, chili sauce and crackers. You can see from the picture it’s a huge protion! 😀

  • The beverage is Bandrek : a traditional and healthy drink from Indonesia


  • Nasi Kadeudeuh 

it’s a special tradition fried rice served in fresh whole coconut. Wow it’s a new menu that we ever tasted, it’s really unique how we eat the rice from the coconut, it was so good, big portion also maybe for 2 persons and actually there is the coconut too inside, a great and good idea 🙂 it served also with chicken, omellete, and crackers.

  • There are 2 special drinks that we tasted, they are Katumbiri Nutug, and Ijo Royo-Royo. Both of them is recommended from the chef. 

The blue one is Katumbiri Nutug, it’s blue lime with water soda, it’s fresh and the soda taste was really come out in our mouth, also with some fruit inside. The other one, the grenn one is Ijo Royo-Royo, iy’s wuite healthy actually, it’s Caysim, Orange, Pineaplle, or lime. This is the best!


  • The last menu, in the picture above is Tahu Garam Pedas.

it;s Tofu, with some salty taste but also spicy so it’s combination become one. actually it’s a popular dish in Bandung, Salty tofu but also spicy. kind of Indonesian dish and it’s really spicy 😛 we can’t eat the whole that because it’s too spicy, and actually we like the previous Tofu in the Burangrang cafe better than this, from the texture but the flavour was good too.

Moving on to the resort, so in Dusun Bambu they also have the resort where we can stay with family or friends and enjoy all the facilities in there. the resort was really good, from the beginning, we’ve known that the ambiance was more nature thatn in the restaurant, it’s really cool and we just like “if we can enjoy this beautiful scenery everyday every morning..

cause it’s really nature, homie and private also. Well, the room actually limited because they want it to more private and good so if you want to stay in here, please book from several days/weeks before. Here some the good side from this resort :

  • Good Ambiance
  • Really Nature
  • Homie
  • Traditional
  • There is Barbecue facilities for you
  • inside the room, the facilities was complete and very comfortable
  • the weather was cold but really comfort too


How about the price? yes it might a little bit high for you, but with all the facilities, we think it kind of worth it to stay there, especially you also can explore more in Dusun Bambu area, such try the boat, outbound, camping area, restaurant, all others. Because we can’t try all facilities in there in only 1 day actually. As you can see in the picture, the room was so beautiful and comfortable. maybe perfect for honey moon? 😛

Foodjunkies, if you want to stay at the restaurant please note that you must book that from several days/week or maybe months will be better to get one of that room, there are several types of room from different size, if you want some information you can find in any travel or hotel book website or you can also contact the Dusun Bambu directly in below. Thank you 🙂

🏡Purbasari Restaurant @ Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

📍 Kolonel Masturi Km 11, West Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Instagram @Dusun_Bambu

💰Price Range 9K-120K

📞 phone: 022-82782020

Website : dusunbambu.com