It’s been a while since we wrote about Cafe Instagramable in Bandung, and it turns out really hits! so many of you read about that, thank you so much πŸ™‚ as you know that we went to Bali in August and we went to some good and hits cafe in there, so we thought it will be good to share with you some of cafe instagenic/instagramable in Bali (until Okt’17)

But before that, there’s some point that you may know about cafe in Bali before you go there.

  1. A lot of cafe in Bali has minimum order/payment
  2. Some cafe provided non halal menu so you have to check twice before go there.
  3. Always prepare some extra money, because some cafe or restaurant or maybe beach club has some extra charged if you request or order anything.

Okay now, let’s start from number 1 !

1. Folie Kitchen and Patisserie

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Folie Kitchen

We love this cafe! the color was so pretty, dominated with pink and blue color inside, and the menu was very unique and in good presentation, very photogenic. What we love from this cafe is the service was good, the waiter very nice and friendly and the ambiance good too.

You can order any bakery or patisseries here, they have too. The salad was good too and big portion. Also when you entered Folie Kitchen, you’ll see a famous photo spot where the wall was so colorful with flowers. Good wall ! and 1 more things, it’s not really important but we really appreciate with cafe/restaurant with good cleanness and here, the toilet was so good, clean and comfy :p

How about the price? Well it’s standard cafe in Bali, but if you want to sit in the sofa there’s min order about 200k if we’re not mistake. But yeah, we really enjoyed it.

πŸ“Jl. Subak Sari No.30A, Canggu,
πŸ“žPhone:Β (0361) 9342025



Kim soo Home

Kim soo is one of our favorite. If you have interestedΒ to all white things and minimalist concept, this place maybe will be your favorite too. Even tough this place is not really big and quite hot (it’s always hot in Bali LOL) but the food is good, it’s more like place to have breakfast, because the food is dominant with English Style’s Breakfast.

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Kim soo Home

If you come here. dont forget to explore the back side and inside the cafe, because there some cool spot for take picture here, like the famous stairs and the chair. it’s really cozy here, but the minus that we think they can improve is, the table for the costumer is just a few, it’s really bothering if there is a waiting list. And for the food, it’s really good for the Bacon, and others but the Whole Coconut i think just so so, it’s not sweet, i prefer to drink coconut in small place like in the beach, πŸ˜€

What we love too here, is if you come with car, you have to valet your car to the officer because there’s no parking are here, for motorcycle just a few but car? you have to give the key to the office then when you’re finished, just give you valet number and the officer will take you car, then you can give them about Rp 10.000 for the tip.


🏑 Kim Soo Home
πŸ“Jl. Kayu Aya No.21, Kerobokan Kelod
Open : 09.00-22.00

  • Mrs.Sippy

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Mrs Sippy

Mr Sippy! Wow, this place? is oour favoritee. why? hhm it’s more like a beach club but inside, there’s a restaurant and the food was good too. You really have to try to go here. It’s really enjoying here. There’s a big pool, and a jumping spot from 1meter-5meter for all the guest to try.

This place, the service was really good, but when it’s weekend or when it’s very crowded maybe you’ll get some not so good service like one of our friend got in their visit to here. There’s a parking area here, but it’s a little bit far. You can valet your car too, and the end, you will take to the parking with a cool car, like the one in the golf are.

Then, how was the food? It’s good, the price was worth it too with this ambiance. If you want to stay in the bed like in the picture below, there’s a price to rent that, Rp50.000 and there’s anoher bed like more big and high in and it can fot until 5 person, you can rent that for min order about Rp600.000 (if we re not mistaken.

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Mrs Sippy

🏑 Mrs Sippy Bali
πŸ“Jl. Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8, Kerobokan Kelod,
Open : 08.00-00.00

  • Damaria

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Are you an Italian? or do you love pasta and other Italian food? this is your favorite cafe. Damaria is an unique Italia restaurant with a blue white decoration. Its very comfy and nice in here. The atmosphere is really nice, it’s really instagenic BTW, and inside, there are some spot you can experience to take a picture, like in the back there is a swing chair like in the picture below.

The food was really nice. You must try the pasta. There are some kind of pasta here with some choice of meat also. But the price, maybe a little bit pricey to us. A little bit too high, yeah maybe the put that price for foreign also? we dont know, but beside that we love the experience here.

The service was very nice too. The wifi was good, toilet was good too. For your information, Damaria also sometimes held a party at night there, so maybe you can experience that with some Italian party there. There’s also a disco lamp there, it’s nice. πŸ™‚

🏑 Da Maria Bali
πŸ“Jalan Petitenget No.170 Bali
Open : 12.00-02.00

  • La laguna

Wow this place was so beautiful and there are a lot of good spot in here perfect for your instagram :p even the toilet was cool!. La laguna is located near Canggu beach. it’s a gypsy/vintage restaurant with a beautiful beach scenery.

From the entrance, there are some small house, so many different type, you can take a picture there. if you come here, please notice that there is a minimum order if you want to sit in the bean bag. But i think, if you want to sit in just a chair, that not really close to the beach i think there is not minimum order.

In the bean bag, and several sit spot near that, it like minimum around Rp 150k per person. It’s quite expensive but we must agreed that the scenery, ambiance and other was so worth it. you can walk in the beach after finished the meal, and there are so many good spot to photo. The service was really nice too.

The food was amazing, all the price was a little bit expensive, but yeah so worth it with the flavor too. The presentations was good, perfect for our instagram feed LOL…

If you come here, you can just type in google maps, it’s pretty easy to find. And dont forget to make a reservation first if you want to get the best spot because this place is always busy πŸ™‚


🏑 La Laguna Bali Restaurant & Beach Bar
πŸ“Jalan Pantai Kayu Putih, Berawa, Canggu
Open : 11.00-00.00

  • Mad Pops

To be honest, Mad pops is not really a cafe/restaurant. But this place is so famous among tourist an selebgram when they visited Bali. They always come here to enjoy the ice cream and photo in front of the “Ice Ice Baby” sign.

It’s like a ice cream shop, in Kayu Aya street, the crowded street :p the shop is really small by the way.. maybe its only fit for 4 person inside so please come in earlier so you dont have to waited too long to take a picture.


Mad pops

The ice cream was not really delicious, just so so.. but there are VEGAN ICE CREAM, you if you’re a vegan, please enjoy this. it’s more like a simple ice cream but yeah, we come here to experience the very famous sign πŸ˜›

BTW the price was affordable too.

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Mad pops

🏑 Mad Pops
πŸ“Jl. Kayu Aya no 48, Oberoi Seminyak.
Open : 11AM-10PM

  • Cloud Cakes

Alert for UNICORN LOVERS! yeyy it’s a cute cafe in Denpasar. So if you in Bali, there’s always a good idea to visit the Mall. It’s never get bored.. and instead of always come and hangout in cafe/beach, we tried the LEVEL 21 MALL in Denpasar. It’s a really cool Mall and turns out there is a cute cafe with pink ambiance.

Cloud cakes is the name. it’s a dessert cafe but there is also some other menu like burger here. We tried the Matcha drinks with some cotton candy on the top and so cute.. with the unicorn sign too, its like the unicorn just came out from my drink hahaha

The famous photo spot here, is the sofa because it’s so pink and with the unicorn wall statue. A lot of people take photo here but luckily, we came here on weekdays so it’s not crowded we can take as much as we want πŸ˜›

The price was so affordable,well we dont really expected the flavour to be really delicous, it’s just a simple dessert cafe, but yeah its cool for adding some pink color in instagram feed haha butΒ you have to be careful because it’s easy to melt so please take a picture first hahaha..


🏠Cloud Cakes
πŸ“Level 21 Mall Denpasar Ground Floor

So how was it? did we help you to find your choice in Bali? please leave us a comment below, we really need advice to be better πŸ™‚