Lighthouse Coffee Brewery

Hello again food junkie! back again in our blog, this time we have a recommendation for you, a place or a cafe where you can enjoy a coffee or a warm drink that can accompany you while at work or doing your task. 

This place is Lighthouse coffee & brewery. In this cafe, the menu offered is a wide variety of snacks, coffee, hot beverage that fits into your mood booster. The first time we visited this place, it is felt that the atmosphere is comfortable and not noisy is perfect for a relaxing afternoon or place where you can concentrate on doing your task.


This is how the cafe looks like, does not have a spacious room but comfortable to relax like, you need a privacy and a quiet cafe to work right?


We tasted Hazelnut latte, caramel latte, coffee avocado ice fused, and Light azure lychee yogurt drinks mixed with lemon, like really fresh! and there’s some light bite menu is French fries and sausage and dim sum.





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Lighthouse coffee & brewery ☕️
📍 Jl. Jendral Sudirman Blok A6 No. 546, Bandung
⏰ open daily: 10 am – 10 pm, Senin libur‼️
💰 Price range: 15k – 32k
📸 FOLLOW IG: @lcb_bdg