Hi FOODJUNKIES, this time I want to share something cute and yellow.. yey from the title you already know what this about right? So short story, in the middle of December 2017, we went to Singapore to enjoy the culinary and also the Christmas vibes there. Then we know that there is a theme cafe in one of mall in Singapore that really famous because of the decorations. IT’S GUDETAMA CAFÉ 😀


Gudetama Cafe

As you known, gudetama is a Japanese character that really famous in the world. It’s about a lazy egg yolk that really really lazy ;D so it’s so easy to find this café, it’s located in Suntec City Mall Singapore

When you see the café, you’ll see all the color is yellow. There is 2 section in there, the left one is cuter because there are some table with a unique yellow roof but it’s always busy there so you better make a reservation first. The other section is more green with some tree decoration and I think its more like a room for cake/coffee time.

We choose the left section, of course. The waiters was very nice, polite and give us an excellent service. The moment we go inside, we saw even the chair and table was very cutee and unique. So how about the food?

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Gudetama Cafe

Well honestly, it’s a little bit too expensive but maybe it’s because the location (in the big mall) and because of the decoration. But in the end, it was worth it with the taste and the service.


An English style breakfast, with bacon, spicy pork bratwurst, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans and a buttery brioche toast with the Gudetama on the top. Its so cute right, don’t forget to take a photo before you eat this. Its good and especially the bratwurst. The Portions was big too. But the bacon?it was so oily.



Honestly, its so fishy. It’s a luscious lobster bisque in a crusty bread bowl and with gudetama on the top. We prefer to eat the bread but if you like lobster we think you’ll like it. Don’t forget to eat the salad to neutralize the fishy smell.

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For the dessert, this is our choice from the moment we saw, it was so cuteee and really, foodjunkies have to try it because its really delicious. The pudding was sweet, its caramel and with vanilla soft serve, caramelized banana, apple crumble and a crisp sesame orange. The pudding was the best!

Again, its worth it to visit, but remember this tips : try to order just 1 main menu and 1 dessert and sharing with your friends, why because it’s a little bit expensive you better if you share it then you can move to another place to taste another culinary, oh and also the mineral water is free…


Location :  3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-361 Suntec City Mall, Singapore

Open :  10am-22pm

Phone : +65 6677 6195