Sumeragi Izakaya & Yakiniku Bandung



Sumeragi is a traditional Japanese Restaurant with many Izakaya menu, donburi, curry, sushi, yakiniku, and shabu-shabu in Bandung. It’s our 2nd time eat here and we recommended this to you, why? Because there are few good points about them :

  • The restaurant ambiance was really Japanese, all the decoration and food
  • The food was high quality, and good.
  • You can really experience how Japanese restaurant really are in 3rd floor

So they have three floors but we recommended you to go to the 2nd or 3rd floor. The second floor is for donburi or rice ball and other menu, and the third floor is special  for barbecue menu but both of them have good ambiance of Japanese, so maybe you can take a lot of picture too there.





The most important thing now is how about the food? Yes, we tried a lot of food here, especially the Wagyu! So, if you go to 3rd floor, you will change your shoes with a sandal that already provide there, then you sit on the place that you want, the waiter will come to you, and you can feel from the beginning the room is really authentic Japanese. If you want to eat in 2nd floor, you can also try some menu from 3rd floor but you can grilled it in the table on 2nd floor, the waiter will do that for you in the kitchen. But, who doesn’t want to try grilled and cook the meat by yourself? So we try in 3rd floor. We tasted:

🐃 Wagyu Rib Eye

🐃 Wagyu Karubi

Both of them was really delicious, the meat was good, it’s not hard or smell bad because sometimes we got hard meet in several restaurant. We know that this meet is premium quality, that’s why we love Sumeragi and a lot people come here too for lunch or dinner. Yeah, we heard from the owner that a lot of people come here to have a photo shoot in 3rd floor because they want the Japanese concept.

So, back again with the food. When you’re about to cook and grilled the meat, you can choose if you want to add some sauce on it or not, they served 2 kind of sauce with some extra Japanese kind of sauce.


  • Donburi (Yaki Ushidon)

Foodjunkies, this donburi is Best Seller donburi at Sumeragi so you must try this. You can order this on 1st and 2nd floor too. Inside, there is beef (they use USA BEEF) with quite thick and with rice of course and sprinkled with some negi and on the top you can get a raw sunny side. But don’t worry if you dont like a sunny side that completely raw, you can also ask for not raw or a half raw and you get FREE miso soup also.



If you buy for Harami (part of the beef’s stomach) you will get FREE gohan (rice) and ocha 😀 only on October so go grab them!

So what do you think? Do you want to feel the Japanese side in Bandung? So maybe you dont have to go Japan to feel that yeah? Please comment below how do you think about this and Arigatou 😀

Sumeragi Izakaya & Yakiniku
Traditional japanese restaurant, donburi, curry, sushi, yakiniku, shabu-shabu.
📍Setrasari Mall B3 No.51 Bandung
💰Price range : 8k-215k
📞+622287801683 for Reservation
❗️Halal food👌