Found Korean Spot in Bandung!

안녕하세요 (Anyong-haseyo !)

Everyone of you must know that all about Korean things are really interesting and cute such as the people (*oppa cute :p), Korean Dramas, Reality Shows and even the Foods! Korean always have new things to explore and makes you fall in love with it. Finally, you can find it not only at Jakarta (if you have heard that so many Korean cafes in there) but also so can feel the Korean Atmosphere in Bandung! Omooo ^0^


Where is it? we found a new cafe that Located in Jalan Sawunggaling No. 10 Bandung with the name “Chingu Korean Fan Cafe” if you don’t know, Chingu means Friend in Korean language, so this place so recommended to every of you and your friend to hangout and talk about your favorite Korean things 😛


What’s unique about this cafe is :

  • The decorations, so cuteee! they have lot of Korean Artists and figure pictures in the wall, a Korean Bus stop/ halte for the waiting room, and EVEN! they have the Korean train decorations for you to sit on it. what a creative concept!
  • You can request your favorite Korean Songs!
  • They have the card tree that usually people use to hang their wish or comments about the experience while in that cafe.
  • The price is currency in WON (₩) which is if the price is 2990₩, you can just put another 0 in the end so the price is 29900 in IDR (the owner taught me :p)
  • They have special drinks that you can choose based on what Boyband/Girlband that you love. if you love Big Bang, they have drink that inspired by them and it has the boyband picture on the drinks.

Dish that we tasted :


Hetteok : sweet korean pancake with various fillings (greentea, ovomaltine, cinnamon sugar, cheese, peanut butter, choco hazelnut, and read bean)


Jumukbap : Korean rice ball with a choice of fillings of beef or tuna.


Mandu : Korean beef and vegetables dumplings.


  1. Original Pat Bingsoo : The most classic Korean shaved-ice dessert filled with red beans, fresh fruit and ice cream. Sweet and refreshing to the max!.
  2. Korean Milk Tea (Chocolate red velvet) : Get your imagination juice flowing! Korean milk tea gives you all the artistic ingredients you would need to create the perfect drink that is both fun and refreshing. Get Creative!

And there are so many other things that we can’t tell you anymore, if you want to fell what we feel, come to the cafe and here’s the information about it :

~ Chingu Korean Fan Cafe ~

Location : Sawunggaling Street No.10 Bandung, Indonesia

Price Range : 4900IDR – 29900IDR

Open : 11 am until 22.00pm

Instagram account : @chingucafe

Fore more info about cafe and resto in Bandung, follow our instagram accuount @caferesto_bdg